About Us

eLearning Consortium (eLC) is one of the most active and largest e-learning organizations in Asia. eLC promotes eLearning through the Education 2.x Series Technology and Pedagogy conferences, multiple publications, and advocacy in the media, to actively educate the community.

night cream for meneLC’s mission is to facilitate the Student Centric eLearning Transformation through the use of Open Standards Technologies, Fair and Open Competition, Digital Inclusion, Collaborative and Sustainable Business model.

Its supporters include stakeholders from different segments of the education industry, including Large to Small Business and Education Organizations from the ICT industry, Education Publishing, Parents and Educators, as well as Social and Government entities.




Executive Committee


Mr. Francis Fong (Synergy Technologies (Asia) Ltd.)


Mr. Eric Fan (UDomain Web Hosting Co. Ltd.)

Vice Chairman 

Ms. Teresa Ng (HKT Education Limited)

Exco Members

Mr. Chu Tsz Wing (St. Hilary’s Primary School & VNSAA St. Hilary’s School)

Mr. Alex Chung (Nexstgo Company Ltd.)

Mr. Stanley Kam (The Hong Kong Association for Computer Education (HKACE))

Mr. Johnny Luk (Speedy Group Corporation Limited)

Mr. Ben Chan (Microsoft Hong Kong Limited)

Mr. Albert Wong (Association of IT Leaders in Education (AiTLE))

Dr. Sharon Wong (Times Publishing (H.K.) Ltd. / Marshall Cavendish Education)

Mr. Joe Wu (Joint School Information Technology Association (JSIT))

Ms. Rachel Fung (Cisco Systems (Hong Kong) Limited)