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Executive Committee


Mr. Francis Fong (Synergy Technologies (Asia) Ltd.)


Dr. Allen Wong (PCCW Limited)


Exco Members

Mr. Alan Chan (Adobe Systems Hong Kong Limited)

Mr. William Chan (Big Dipper Studio Limited)

Mr. Chu Tsz Wing (St. Hilary’s Primary School & VNSAA St. Hilary’s School

Mr. Alex Chung (Nexstgo Company Ltd.)

Mr. Eric Fan (Udomain Web Hosting Co,. Ltd.)

Mr. Stanley Kam (The Hong Kong Association For Computer Education (HKACE))

Mr. Johnny Luk (Speedy Group Corporation Limited)

Ms. Jessica Nan (Hong Kong Productivity Council)

Ms. Ada Ng (Microsoft Hong Kong Limited)

Ms. Mei Mei Ng (Oxford University Press)

Ms. Teresa Ng (HKT Education Limited)

Mr. Clement Tam (Cisco Systems (HK) Ltd.)

Mr. Albert Wong (Association of IT Leaders in Education (AiTLE))

Dr. Sharon Wong (Times Publishing (H.K.) Ltd. / Marshall Cavendish Education)

Mr. Joe Wu (Joint School Information Technology Association (JSIT))